Heater Safety

It's that time again! Cold weather is coming a little early. It's time to do a safety checkup on your furnace. Your furnace should be checked once a year. Carbon Monoxide enters your home when your heater gets a crack in it or even a pin hole in it. You can't smell or see carbon monoxide but it is extremely hazardous.

We are a part of the light-up check-up dealers referred by CenterPoint Energy. As a part of our checkup on your heater we will:

  1. Check and adjust the pilot.
  2. Check the blower.
  3. Check operation of the fan and limit control.
  4. Check the gas valve.
  5. Check the thermostat.
  6. Check the filters and inform the customer of it's condition.
  7. Check the heat exchanger.
  8. Check for proper venting.
  9. Check clearance to combustible materials.
  10. Check burners and clean when necessary.

(If extra charge is required, get customers prior approval). Please call us at 713-690-9021 and let us take care of your family.